Sartor 1956 Floating Design

Sartor 1956 Floating Design

With its floating furniture, “Sartor 1956” rediscovers Floating Design, a new approach to furnishings.

Technology, tradition and genius come together to shape this new concept that makes walls superfluous. The technology of the structure makes it possible to channel the electricity and plumbing systems through the free-standing structure with a hi-tech solution and without any masonry work, just an electrical and plumbing collection without floor drains.

The strength of the Floating Design system is a structure that allows for the total suspension of the furnishing elements. The applications are endless and the advantages numerous: the extremely light weight of the furnishing components and the complete freedom to use spaces, shaping them in line with the customer’s requirements for the various areas without working on the walls, offering clear advantages in terms of optimising design projects, especially for open-plan areas such as loft apartments, or for the redevelopment of industrial and commercial buildings. 

The aim of the Floating Design slogan is to link ultra-hi-tech solutions with a mood in synergy between tradition and innovation. Light weight and astounding versatility are concentrated into a unique, absolutely safe style. The free-standing structure is ideal for use in buildings that may be subject to particular stress, because the furnishings are fully anchored to the steel structure, without weighing upon walls and pillars.

“Sartor 1956”: from the Dolomites, a stylish lesson in gravity and light weight.